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Kyiv stands, Ukraine stands, and business stands united with Ukraine

Kyiv stands, Ukraine stands, and business stands united with Ukraine

Message from the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Friday, February 24, 2023

It’s been a year since we were awakened in Kyiv by the brutal sound of Russian bombs. One year on, Russia continues killing innocent civilians, bombing residential buildings, hospitals, power stations, and repeatedly sending barrages of missiles over Ukraine. 19% of AmCham Ukraine members have had instances of employees killed; 31% of companies’ plants and facilities have been damaged. Russia’s war has forced millions to flee their homes. The scale of trauma is beyond imaginable; the cost of the damage is in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The price of freedom is always high. Day by day, lionhearted Ukrainians find the strength to keep fighting on the battlefield, work tirelessly in the business field, and live in between air raid sirens.

Kyiv stands, Ukraine stands, and business stands united with Ukraine. Ukrainians have inspired the free world. Companies operating on the ground are true business heroes – brave, united, and resilient. 70% of AmCham members are fully operational despite the war. AmCham Ukraine members believe in Ukraine, support the humanitarian drive, and keep Ukraine's economy running. They pay taxes, create job opportunities, and deliver essential modern services that help people in wartime Ukraine. We are grateful to all outstanding leaders and employees of our member companies for all the support they provide to Ukraine and its people during the war.

We are grateful to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who stayed in Ukraine, took on this existential fight, and united all Ukrainians and the whole world through his servant leadership. We acknowledge the Ukrainian Government’s efforts, constantly being of service and providing immediate response to war challenges in synergy with the business community.

We are grateful for the unprecedented and unwavering diplomatic, economic, and military support from the US Government and Western partners. As US President Joe Biden wrote in his letter to AmCham Ukraine on our 30th Anniversary on July 1, 2022: "The relationship between the United States and Ukraine is stronger than ever and is being tested more than ever. Our Nation and the world are truly inspired by the perseverance of your staff, your member companies, and your employees and their families. Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you will continue to do in the years ahead".

AmCham Ukraine is grateful to those companies who have already stopped doing business in Russia and our members who have a strong position and deliver it to their headquarters. We must all do the right thing, stay on the right side of history. There is no future for transparent and ethical business in Russia.

Ukraine is open for business. The biggest reconstruction since World War II will start, with Ukraine’s EU integration already in full swing. We call on global companies to prioritize Ukraine in their business plans and prepare to be a part of the recovery, as the role of the private sector in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and recovery will be immense.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine believes this year will be victorious for Ukraine. 92% of members think Ukraine will win the war; 77% believe the war will end in 2023. We will continue to serve, support, and deliver the voice of US and multinational businesses in Ukraine, shaping the bold policies that matter most and contributing to Ukraine's economic transformation.

Glory to Ukraine!

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