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Investing and Doing Business in Ukraine 2021

A guide covering over 25 sectors and industries

We are happy to launch the 2021 edition of Investing and Doing business in Ukraine guide. We have used the benefit of our experience to compile this extensive guide that covers over 25 sectors and industries.

Modern Ukraine, with its highly skilled workforce and strategic geographic location, now attracts investors from all over the world. Companies have invested billions of dollars during Ukraine’s 30 years of independence, transforming its existing businesses and industries and launching entirely new ones. Opportunities in agriculture, energy, IT, infrastructure and manufacturing have grown to a level unparalleled in the CEE region. For investors, Ukraine offers both prosperous established sectors and underestimated opportunities ready for exponential growth.

For a decade, Ukrainians have been steadily turning their gaze from East to West, as evidenced by the country’s 2014 Association Agreement with the European Union. As Ukraine’s markets and legal frameworks harmonize further with Western ways of doing business, barriers to doing business in Ukraine continue to fall.

Investing and Doing Business in Ukraine 2021 Guide Preview

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