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Interview with Vira Savchenko for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine: Resilience and Innovation at BDO in Ukraine During Wartime

Interview with Vira Savchenko for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine: Resilience and Innovation at BDO in Ukraine During Wartime

In a recent interview to the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Vira Savchenko, the CEO of BDO in Ukraine, has shared insights into how the company and its employees have demonstrated remarkable resilience amid the ongoing war.

The discussion revolved around the key strategies that BDO has implemented to navigate these challenging times, focusing on scenario planning, risk analysis, adaptation to remote work and the rapid implementation of advanced technologies, such as AI.

  • About resilience at BDO in Ukraine

A significant part of the BDO’s strategy involved robust scenario planning and risk analysis. Vira has detailed how BDO assesses a broader context of risks, including those related to their IT systems. This comprehensive approach has enabled BDO to anticipate the potential challenges and mitigate them effectively, maintaining stability and continuity in company’s operations.

  • Adapting work environments

Transitioning to remote work was a critical move for BDO, as the safety and well-being of their employees became a top priority. Vira Savchenko explained how the company had successfully shifted 200 employees to home offices, with a focus on ensuring strong connectivity and advanced IT systems to support remote work. Such swift adaptation was crucial in maintaining productivity and morale among the employees.

  • Implementing AI and Microsoft Copilot

BDO’s innovative approach to technology implementation has played a pivotal role in their resilience. Vira discussed the establishment of rapid response teams dedicated specifically to emerging technologies like AI. Notably, a team was formed overnight in November to implement the AI technology, enhancing efficiency across operations. The company’s quick implementation of Microsoft Copilot and other AI instruments through internal competitions spurred enthusiasm and efficiency, showcasing BDO’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools in order to enhance their operations.

  • Opportunities and Growth

Despite the adversities, BDO has managed to find opportunities for growth. The company has rapidly developed new service lines in response to the war, focusing on capacity building and international projects. Such proactive stance has not only helped BDO sustain its operations but also positioned it for the future expansion and success. The company’s specialists have already developed information guides for foreign investors, which combine deep market knowledge and practical experience.

  • Communication as key to resilience

Effective communication has been a cornerstone of the BDO’s strategy during wartime. Vira Savchenko stressed the importance of balancing communication with international partners, finding the right tone between optimism and reality. This careful approach has ensured that stakeholders remain informed and engaged, reinforcing trust and collaboration.

Through strategic planning, technological innovation, and effective communication, BDO has navigated the complexities of wartime operations with remarkable agility and foresight. The company's experience serves as a testament to the power of adaptability and resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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To watch the interview, please follow the link https://youtu.be/v8ZLLawGYUU.

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