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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

GOLAW Lawyers Defended Their Position in a Complex Criminal Proceeding

GOLAW lawyers defended their position regarding early appeal of the detective on procedural restrictions in the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine.

The volume, complexity and conditions of access to the materials of criminal proceedings are the circumstances on the basis of which the judge determines whether there is a delay in acquaintance with the materials of criminal proceedings on the part of the defense.

As practice shows, investigators and detectives, being a hurry to submit to the court the completed pre-trial investigation of criminal proceeding, initiate temporary restrictions for the defense in acquaintance with the materials. Consequently, investigators don’t take into account the formula established by the legislator.

Thus, the consequence of such a hasty procedural initiative is the refusal of the court to satisfy the appeal for limitation of the defense rights.

The result of the joint work of GOLAW lawyers was the decision taken by the investigating judge of the court not in favor of the detective.

GOLAW partners, lawyers Angelika Moiseeva and Igor Glushko worked on the project.

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