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CFC Rules in Ukraine: Developing Strategy for Your Business

INTEGRITES invites owners and top managers to find out everything on CFC rules for business. Explaining complicated issues in a simple manner, our team will help you develop the action plan adjusted to the new legal environment.

When: October, 20 | 10am

Where: HUB 4.0, Kyiv, Yaroslavsky lane, 1/3

Audience: business owners, GMs, CFOs

Speakers from INTEGRITES – Tax and Customs practice team:

– Viktoriia Fomenko, Partner and Head of practice

– Oleg Kotliar, Senior associate

Topics on the agenda:

CFC in Ukraine – rules, terms, fines and expected amendments – Who gets affected?

– What are the criteria for determining the beneficiaries of foreign companies and other controlled persons?

– What financial risks arise due to CFC rules?

CFC rules: international practice– What do owners of CFC and tax authorities argue about in courts?

– How do courts and tax authorities interpret the controversial provisions and what are the consequences for the beneficiaries?

How will CFC regulation develop in Ukraine? – What changes to the CFC rules are to be implemented  right now?

– What is the status of CFС rules in Europe and other countries?

– What is there to be ready for?

Zero declaration – objects, expected tax rates and guaranties– What are the essence and purpose of zero declaration?

– Who gets affected?

– What does the state guarantee to the declarants?

Common Reporting Standard (CRS): why it is relevant again – What is the meaning of the CRS and why is it important?

– How are CFC ruleszero declaration and automatic exchange of information related?

Deciding on foreign structures: what to consider– What should be taken into account due to the new rules?

– What options are there, and which one is the best?

– Questions to be answered in the new reality

Participation fee: UAH 1000

Register via link: https://bit.ly/339LUnB

We care about your healthmasks, sanitizers, as well as conditions for social distancing will be provided at the venue.

We will appreciate your responsible attitude to the current quarantine requirements.

Thank you for understanding!

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