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Business Community Boosts UNICEF Campaigns

Business Community Boosts UNICEF Campaigns

Business associations are giving their support to critical UNICEF campaigns that advise Ukrainians about safety, health and education during wartime.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (AmCham Ukraine) and the European Business Association (EBA) are championing UNICEF campaigns advising Ukrainians about safety, health, education and parenting during wartime.

AmCham Ukraine and EBA have invited their members to support information campaigns including Важливо як ніколи (‘Important like never before’), Mine Safety and Child Is Not Alone. 

This new cooperation will enable Ukrainians to learn:

  • how to help a child left without parents or caregivers due to the hostilities;
  • how to recognize an explosive device or mine, and how to act;
  • why it is important to breastfeed newborns and stay up to date with routine vaccinations;
  • why it is important to care for a child during wartime;

and much more.

Materials include videos, audio recordings, posters, banners and text messages in various formats. UNICEF hopes these materials will be useful to children, parents and educators during these difficult times, and that, with the support of the business community, more people will benefit from them.

If your company would like to join us and pass on useful information to your employees or customers, please get in touch.

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