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Avis Ukraine Has Qualitatively Reformatted Its Rental Fleet to Meet the Needs of International Organizations in Ukraine and Corporate Customers

Avis Ukraine Has Qualitatively Reformatted Its Rental Fleet to Meet the Needs of International Organizations in Ukraine and Corporate Customers

Since mid-2022, the fleet of Avis Ukraine, a leading rent a car and leasing Company, has been expanded by fifty new vehicles, mostly pickups, off-road vehicles and minibuses. This is the Company’s response to the transport needs of international organisations and foundations whose representatives visit Ukraine to help during the war, including international media, as well as its regular users. The Company provides cars to these representatives for travelling to remote regions or for transporting large numbers of people or necessary cargo.

Andrii Bovenko, Chief of the Rent a Car Department, Avis Ukraine: “We were forced to change our approach to fleet management and reformat our fleet: we reduced the number of cars that have lost their popularity - small and medium-sized cars - and increased the number of minibuses, commercial vehicles, pickups and off-road vehicles of all classes.”

Since the start of the war, Avis Ukraine has lost a large number of clients, including foreign tourists, who were the largest category for the car rental business of the network rental company. Instead, international organisations in Ukraine have become the Company’s new clients. Taking into account the specifics of these organisations’ activities, the Company purchased new off-road vehicles for its fleet: VW Touareg, Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan, Skoda Kodiaq, Toyota Hilux pick-ups, Hyundai Staria minibuses in addition to the existing Toyota Verso. In addition, the Company received VW Crafter all-wheel drive and all-metal cargo vans to add to its fleet, in addition to the existing Ford Transit vans in the group.

The Company has 16 car groups in total. Before the full-scale invasion, the most popular car groups were A, B, C - economical small cars. New Toyota Corolla were among the new arrivals in this category to Avis Ukraine’s car rental fleet.

Moreover, over the past year, German electric cars VW ID.5 have taken a worthy place in Avis Ukraine’s fleet, gaining a stable pool of users, and the Company is extending the half-price rental offer while it studies demand. In addition, electric cars can be returned after the rental period with only 20% charge when they are provided with 100% charged, which is an additional saving for users, as one charge may be enough for a few days when renting a car. Typically, rental cars are provided with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank as well.

Avis Ukraine is a division of Avis, an international car rental and leasing service provider with offices in 185 countries. In Ukraine, the Company provides a wide range of transport services under the Avis (since 1997) and Payless (since 2016) brands - from daily rentals for individuals to the formation of entire fleets for leasing for legal entities and is designed to meet the need for mobility both within Ukraine and in any country where Avis has offices. Tel. 0 800 305 303, pr@avis.com.ua

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