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American Chamber of Commerce Presents the 2021 Thanksgiving Award to Ukraine’s Healthcare Professionals

American Chamber of Commerce Presents the 2021 Thanksgiving Award to  Ukraine’s Healthcare Professionals

Kyiv, November 25, 2021

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine presents the 2021 Thanksgiving Choice of the Business Community Award to Ukraine's healthcare professionals for demonstrating great courage and empathy, being at the frontline, and saving people's lives in times of global COVID-19 outbreak.

Since March 2020, in times of global turbulence and uncertainty, Ukraine's healthcare professionals have demonstrated high responsibility and dedication in saving people's lives.

"I am grateful to all the frontline workers for their selfless dedication in saving lives and all the crisis-response leaders of AmCham member companies for their commitment and constant support of employees, hospitals, doctors, vulnerable people, and communities. It is incredible to see all the well-coordinated efforts of doctors and the business community that help to save thousands of lives", said Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine has many people it is grateful to, people who are changing Ukraine every day. Thanksgiving is a time to thank all those making Ukraine a better place to do business.

In 2020, AmCham Ukraine presented the Thanksgiving Choice of the Business Community Award to Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, for embracing country-wide digital transformation, making Ukraine a better place to live and do business. The business community also acknowledged Paul Niland, Founder of Lifeline Ukraine, for creating Ukraine's first national suicide prevention hotline, Lifeline Ukraine, to save people's lives, focused first and foremost on helping Ukraine's military veterans.

In 2019, AmCham Ukraine presented the Thanksgiving Choice of the Business Community Award to the National Bank of Ukraine for pursuing a credible monetary policy, continuing the cleaning-up of the banking sector, defending NBU independence, and contributing to macroeconomic stability. The business community also acknowledged Mr. Brian Bonner for delivering Ukraine's news in English to global audiences through his dedicated service as Chief Editor of the Kyiv Post.

In 2018, the business community acknowledged Oksana Markarova, Acting Finance Minister (November 2018 – March 2020), for strengthening Ukraine's macroeconomic stability. Other Awards went to UkraineInvest – Ukraine Investment Promotion Office and National Investment Council of Ukraine for promoting Ukraine as an investment destination.

In 2017, AmCham Ukraine presented the Thanksgiving Choice of the Business Community Award to the Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, Doctor Ulana Suprun (August 2016 – August 2019), for the development of the healthcare system in Ukraine. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine also presented the Awards to Valeria Gontareva and National Bank of Ukraine for exceptional efforts in cleaning up and developing Ukraine's banking system; Jaroslava Johnson, Western NIS Enterprise Fund for shaping the future of Ukraine – for The Ukrainian Leadership Academy; and Invictus Games Team Ukraine for an incredible debut of the Ukrainian team at the Invictus Games in Toronto. And a special Presidential Award for ten years of outstanding leadership and dedicated service promoting U.S. – Ukrainian business relations was received by Morgan Williams, President of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council.

In 2016, the awards were received by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and the team at the United States Department of Commerce for the strong and continuous support of Ukraine; Business Ombudsman Council – for fighting corruption, simplifying bureaucracy, and improving the business climate; Oksana Drozach, PwC – for her contribution to the introduction of the Authorized Economic Operator concept in Ukraine. As the ceremony's highlight, members expressed their most sincere gratitude to the Ukrainian Paralympic Team for their unbelievable will to win.

In 2015, during the first Thanksgiving Black Tie Dinner, AmCham Ukraine presented the Thanksgiving Choice of the Business Community Awards to Natalie Jaresko, Minister of Finance (December 2014 – April 2016), for delivering fiscal and financial stability; Aivaras Abromavicius, Minister of Trade and Economy (December 2014 – April 2016) for introducing ProZorro, a public e-procurement system that has made government procurement more transparent and competitive; 3G Ukraine mobile operators – lifecell, Kyivstar, and MTS/Vodafone – for the launch of 3rd generation mobile communications in Ukraine; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for boosting investment into the Ukrainian economy; Olga Kudinenko, Founder of Tabletochki Fund, for establishing the Tabletochki Fund that helps kids to fight cancer, and promoting social responsibility and awareness; Eka Zguladze, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2014-2016), for the launch of National Police of Ukraine.

The American Chamber of Commerce is Ukraine's most powerful international business association that has been serving members in Ukraine since 1992, helping companies grow, promote their services and brands. AmCham Ukraine is an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Being a non-governmental, member-funded non-profit organization, AmCham Ukraine represents the biggest U.S. and international investors operating in Ukraine, who have invested over $50bn in its economy. AmCham Ukraine is the largest AmCham Office in Europe and a part of a strong global AmChams in Europe network. For 29 years, AmCham Ukraine has been delivering the voice of business at the highest level, advocating for the betterment of the business climate, and working closely with Ukrainian and U.S. Government officials. AmCham also focuses on attracting Foreign Direct Investment into the economy and advocates for predictable, transparent, and stable rules of doing business.

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Yuliana Chyzhova, AmCham Ukraine Chief Communications Officer, 

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