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AmCham Ukraine Launches Sustainability Committee to Make Businesses and Economies More Sustainable in Ukraine

AmCham Ukraine Launches Sustainability Committee to Make Businesses and Economies More Sustainable in Ukraine

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine has founded a brand-new Sustainability Committee within its Policy Platform to keep the meaningful dialogue between sustainable businesses and government.

The Committee’s aim is to incorporate sustainable solutions based on international experience into legislation and foster the fulfillment of global companies’ commitments on the path towards tangible progress to build the confidence of the communities, industry, and authorities.

The Committee will serve as the Chamber engagement platform with government and non-governmental organizations to unite responsible companies in an effort to align and execute sustainability transformation in 3 key areas – protecting natural resources, taking care of people, and supporting communities.

On the occasion of the Sustainability Committee launch, Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, commented: “We are proud to launch the Sustainability Committee within the AmCham Policy Platform. AmCham member companies serve as an excellent example of sustainable development worldwide and are ready to help Ukraine implement the best international practices. We all will work together to pursue the common goal – making business and economies more sustainable in Ukraine. By understanding the necessity of sustainable development now, tomorrow, we could live in a better future we want for all.”

Marek Tomalak, General Manager at PepsiCo Ukraine, who is the responsible AmCham Board Member of the Sustainability Committee, said: “In the XXI century, sustainability is like “license” that gives businesses the right to operate in the market. We all will be judged by our consumers, authorities, and employees on how well we fulfill this “license” conditions. Being GM of PepsiCo in Ukraine, I feel the responsibility for making this country a more sustainable place. To some extent, it is not only our responsibility to make that difference as the company but also as people who live in this country, grow here our children, breathe its air and enjoy the water of Dnipro. I want to thank CEOs of Carlsberg Ukraine, Roche Ukraine, AB InBev Efes Ukraine, Danone Ukraine, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, Nestle Ukraine, BASF Ukraine, L'Oreal Ukraine, Procter & Gamble Ukraine, for joining and being part of that change.”

The Committee follows three priorities.

Protect natural resources. The Committee is going to introduce a waste management system based on EU principles: “Waste Hierarchy” and the Extended Producer Responsibility principle. The Committee will also work for the better regulation of water and wastewater management and ensure a well-balanced and consistent approach while introducing new ecological regulation. The latter also includes the work on reforming the state environmental control system.

Take care of people. In this regard, the Committee will work on reducing the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Initially, this will include prevention efforts to reduce modifiable risk factors for NCDs by promoting a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and responsible alcohol consumption, as well as awareness efforts to ensure early diagnosis and interventions. In the longer term, the objective of the Committee is to support a sustainable health system and a healthier society. No less important in this direction is work to ensure diverse and inclusive workplaces and promote women’s leadership in Ukraine.

Support communities and partners. The Sustainability Committee plans to launch regional outreach trips to establish cooperation with the local authorities.

AmCham Ukraine member companies, who have already become proud members and founders of the Sustainability Committee, are ready to serve under priorities and commented on the launch.

Denis Khrenov, Acting General Director, AB InBev Efes Ukraine:

“Sustainability is our business. We are contributing to the global mindful development agenda while building resilient supply chains, productive communities, and a healthier environment. Important topics for us are the development of the circular economy by enlarging the volume of our products in returnable packaging; prevention of the harmful use of alcohol by continuously working on Smart drinking social campaigns/responsible alcohol consumption social campaigns, and increasing alcohol health literacy by adding the health labels to all our products - to drive meaningful positive change in Ukraine”.

Tiberiu Dima, Managing Director, BASF Ukraine:

“For us, sustainability means that our chemistry innovations should meet three aspects: economic, environmental, and social. This is the DNA of BASF corporate strategy. We highly welcome the initiative of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine to establish the Sustainability Committee. I am convinced that international companies operating in Ukraine should unite their expertise and efforts to promote sustainability principles on the Ukrainian market.” 

Evgeny Shevchenko, Managing Director, Carlsberg Ukraine:

“The purpose of our company is brewing for a better today and tomorrow. Following our global Together Towards ZERO sustainability program, Carlsberg Ukraine is focused on the packaging with the smallest carbon footprint, replacing natural gas with biogas, implementing solutions for water saving, expanding the range of non-alcoholic products, as well as protecting the lives and health of our employees. I am confident that the new platform within the AmCham will streamline partnerships of responsible business, operating in harmony with society and the environment.”

Adrian-Valentin Pascu, General Manager, Danone Ukraine:

“To our beliefs, human health and health of the planet are closely and inextricably linked, so we are constantly striving to reduce a negative impact on the environment. We do believe that only a healthy environment can help produce wholesome and nutritious food products.”

 Mark Sawchuk, General Manager, L’Oreal Ukraine:

“L’Oréal’s sustainable revolution is entering a new era. The challenges the planet is facing are unprecedented, and it is essential to accelerate our efforts to preserve a safe operating space for humanity. We do so in our own business operations and our contribution to society at large. We know that the biggest challenges remain to come, and L’Oréal will stay faithful to its ambition: to operate within the limits of the planet.”

Olesya Olenytska, Government Relations and Public Affairs Director, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine:

“We, at METRO, work today for a confident tomorrow – as for our employees and their families, also for the local communities and society. We treat corporate social responsibility as a constant focus on ethical business and create the conditions for improving the standards of living in Ukraine.

“METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine” believes in the sustainable development of our business and strives to implement corporate responsibility projects also with a direct positive environmental impact. The company pays special attention to the practical part of environmental protection – responsible waste management. That is why we continue to develop our fruitful collaboration with reliable partners in this sphere. This will allow METRO not only to reduce hunger and food waste. We aim to make our huge contribution to minimizing the negative impact of food retail on the lives of future generations.”

Alessandro Zanelli, CEO Nestlé in Ukraine and Moldova, Nestlé Ukraine:

“Nestlé has taken the commitment to a number of sustainability initiatives with both the environment and people’s health in mind. One of the main sustainability priorities is focused on making all our packaging reusable and recyclable by 2025. Today in Ukraine, we are at the very early stages to study and implement a well-functioning circular economy. This is a crucial transformation, and in order to accelerate industry, government authorities, civil society, and consumers all have to work effectively and provide its own contribution. As part of this approach, Nestlé takes an active role in the development of the well-functioning collection, sorting, and recycling systems together with partners.”

Dmytro Kyselov, General Manager, Procter & Gamble Ukraine:

“P&G’s commitment to be a force for good and a force for growth includes leading the way in making sustainability at scale possible and a source of growth for all. Everyone agrees that solving the biggest challenges facing our planet and local communities today calls for collaboration and strategic partnerships. We believe the time for action is now. We welcome the initiative of the Chamber to establish a Sustainability Committee and proud to be its founding member. We are excited to partner with all leading forces in our Industry and Society and collectively work towards delivering the innovative solutions & scale needed for people, planet, and business to thrive.”

Martin Werschlan, General Manager, Roche Ukraine:

“As a healthcare company, we have always been committed to improving. We believe that sustainability starts with healthy people and healthy societies. By working with the healthcare system to improve healthcare outcomes, we aim to reduce the impact of the disease on the wellbeing of individuals and help Ukraine thrive as a Nation - now and in the future.”  

The Chamber member companies have immense experience and ideas accumulated over the years, and they are ready to share them with others. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine will be delighted to see more companies among the Committee members, so AmCham may advocate on their behalf, making business and economy more sustainable in Ukraine. The Chamber is proud to develop this direction.

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