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AmCham Ukraine Calls for Transparent and Impartial Trade Investigations

AmCham Ukraine Calls for Transparent and Impartial Trade Investigations

The business community, united by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, urges members of the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade (Commission) to consider impartially and fairly the investigation launched in accordance with Decision #СП-458/2020/4411-03 dated July 24, 2020 "On the Initiation and Conduction of a Special Investigation against Imports into Ukraine of the Wires Irrespective of Country of Origin or Export." The objects of investigation are insulated wires, cables, and other insulated electrical conductors with or without connecting parts; fiber-optic cables, composed of fibers with individual sheaths.

The investigation affects the interests of numerous business entities, and the potential application of preliminary or final measures may have a negative impact on certain economic spheres. In particular, the introduction of additional duties, according to the AmCham member companies, will negatively affect the investment capacity of mobile operators, including slowing down the penetration of new technologies (including 4G) in rural areas, as instead of investing in infrastructure, mobile operators will be forced to raise additional funds to pay additional duties. The energy sector will also be affected, as the cost of power cables used in the electricity sector is one of the tariff components for the provision of energy supply services.

Given that the possible introduction of special measures foreseen by Law will impact several sectors of the economy, AmCham Ukraine calls to ensure the transparent, high-quality, and impartial consideration of the arguments provided by the participants of the investigation.

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