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Adopt a Hospital Ward – How we can help doctors in Ukraine

Adopt a Hospital Ward – How we can help doctors in Ukraine

We would like to thank so many of our member companies already actively engaged in supporting and donating to help doctors, the elderly, and those most vulnerable here in Ukraine.

We continue to receive inquiries on how best companies and individuals can still provide financial donations and in-kind support to those most in need. We have researched the charities and groups providing support in Ukraine and have identified the Patients of Ukraine Charity Foundation as a credible, trustworthy organization that has a good understanding of the priority of needs in Ukraine today.

Patients of Ukraine have identified the priority needs of medical staff across all regions of Ukraine and have shared the list with us. The urgent need is to protect doctors, providing them with respirators, gloves, medical goggles, and protective suits. We encourage you to support the work they're doing by supporting the doctors and consider adopting and sponsoring a hospital ward in any hospital across Ukraine.

As of today, the most urgent needs of the health care facilities are the following:

  • Personal protective equipment for doctors: gloves, respirators, masks, suits, shoe covers, disinfectants, etc.
  • Specialized medical equipment: artificial lung ventilation (IVL) devices, portable x-ray machines, etc.
  • Please see here the latest detailed list of the needs by regions provided by the Patients of Ukraine

Any support that you can provide will be much appreciated.

Please contact Karina Korol at karina.korol21@gmail.com from Patients of Ukraine for details directly. If you have any queries or questions about helping, please feel free to Borys Ryabichuk BRyabinchuk@chamber.ua.

Together we can help and protect those saving lives today.

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