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Partners’ Events

Webinar "Diia Is Already in the City: to Join or Not, When and What About Risks?"

February 2, 2022 - February 4, 2022
11:00AM - 12:30PM

The А1 team invites you to the "Diia is already in the City" webinar series. During our events, we will examine in figures and facts the example of different models of IT business potential benefits and risks of entering into Diia City.

There are two fundamentally opposite opinions about  Diia City that sound something like this: "it's a breakthrough and a super opportunity for IT business" or "the state is driving businesses under control to "squeeze more taxes."

We believe that both thoughts are not far from the truth. On the one hand, according to official statistics, the IT industry is the third-largest share in the GDP of Ukraine. And this, according to regulatory authorities, means that IT companies have sources to pay more taxes into the budget. On the other hand, Diia City, at least on paper, is an opportunity to optimize the tax burden without the risks of unexpected tax audits, without losing mobility, "bleach," and "sell," to gain competitive advantages in the labor market.

In webinar, you will learn:

  • How to join Diia City: qualification criteria, documents, other conditions
  • Taxation of residents of Diia City: Income Tax VS Distributed profit tax
  • "Pitfalls" when applying the distributed profit tax - why can 9% turn into much more?
  • All advantages and risks of gig contracts
  • Employee taxation: STATE VS ENTREPRENEURS VS GIG
  • Alternative structuring options for those, who do not join to Diia City
  • Which foreign jurisdictions are optimal for structuring the activities of the Ukrainian IT business?
  • Legal tips: how would options, non-compete, warranties and indemnities, and other novelties from Diia City work?
  • What are the risks of not joining Diia City and how they may be realized: reclassification of relations with entrepreneurs in employment, recognition of the presence of a permanent establishment of a foreign company in Ukraine, and others
  • How Diia City correlates with BEPS rules: controlled foreign companies (CIC), transfer pricing, residency at the place of management, etc.

Choose a date convenient for you and register by the links:

REGISTRATION February 2, https://bit.ly/3thgo4C

REGISTRATION February 3, https://bit.ly/3qfp2Pa

REGISTRATION February 4, https://bit.ly/3JVs2rP

Webinar speakers

  • Volodymyr Chyzhykov, Managing Partner, Head of IT business direction at А1. Before А1, Volodymyr was the Director of Tax & Legal Department at KPMG in Ukraine. Over the years of consulting, Volodymyr has completed more than 1000 tax and corporate finance projects for leading companies from TOP-100 Forbes list.
  • Kostiantyn Karpushyn, CEO and Co-Founder at Codebridge Technology Inc., advisor to А1 on IT business issues. Before founding Codebridge Kostiantyn worked for more than 15 years in BIG4 companies, was a Partner at KPMG in Ukraine, Head of transfer pricing practice of Tax & Legal Department. Since 2016, Konstantin has also held the Head of technology and innovation position at KPMG in 9 CIS countries and was the Head of the IT product development center in Kyiv.

Webinar format does not provide participation of representatives of consulting, legal and audit companies (please indicate your corporate emails).

For more information, please contact Maria Koshutska via email, mkoshutska@a1.consulting  or by phone number +38 044 300 25 60.

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