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Partners’ Events

Training "Find out the truth. Interviewing techniques"

February 14, 2020
10:00AM - 6:00PM

Training cost: 4000 UAH including VAT.

Registration link: https://kpmg-interview.ticketforevent.com/

Participants of the training will get acquainted with the method of receiving information from the interlocutor. At the training will be presented a structural approach to the interview, how to highlight key phases and details that are important to people in ordinary communication. Speaker pays particular attention to cases where the respondent does not wish to disclose information, knowingly misrepresents it or provides untrue information, or, more simply, deceives.

The training is based on the author's interview techniques developed by former CIA staff and “Big 4” companies. The speaker's theoretical knowledge is complemented by his hands-on experience.

Training`s program:

  • Preparing for the interview, choosing the location and time for the interview
  • Location of interlocutors in the room
  • How to treat the interviewer, use of non-verbal signals
  • Interview phases
  • Questions: open, closed, "special"
  • Analysis of responses and recognition of deception by verbal and non-verbal features
  • How to deal with aggressive responses to uncomfortable issues, respond to memory gaps, and overcome other communication barriers

The training program will analyze videos of real-life interviews with famous people.

Who will get benefits from the training:

The training will be useful for the employees of the internal investigation units: security services, internal audit, legal and compliance departments. Training can be helpful for HR workers interviewing on the job, as well as jealous spouses and distrustful parents.


Alexiy Tiakin is a practicing expert in corporate fraud investigations. Conducting interviews is an integral part of such investigations. Alexiy's qualification in this field is certified by the ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner (FE). One of the sections of the CFE certification program is dedicated to interviewing techniques.

Alexiy works at Bunge International (NYSE: BG) as Global Ethics and Investigations Manager in EMEA. In addition to investigating corporate fraud, a key area of ​​its activity is to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the United States Anti-Corruption Law in Foreign Jurisdiction (FCPA).

Alexiy also had experience in “Big 4” auditing companies in Ukraine and abroad for over 15 years where, in addition to investigating corporate fraud cases, he oversaw projects in such areas as developing internal control systems and auditing them in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements (SOX), information security audit, implementation of IT antifrod systems, etc.

Alexiy is a Certified Compliance Professional (CCEP-I Certificate) as well as an Information Systems Auditor (non-practising CISA Certificate).

Register for trainings here: https://kpmg-interview.ticketforevent.com/or send us an email at academy@kpmg.ua.

Chamber members are entitled to 10% discount. Promo code - kpmgforacc. 

Detailed information is by phone +380 50 489 2975

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