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Technology for Creating Decisive Competitive Advantage: basic principles

February 19, 2020
10:00AM - 6:00PM
Technology for Creating Decisive Competitive Advantage: basic principles

There is no company that does not experience a lack of sales or even a drop in sales. The overwhelming B2B companies facing stiff pressures to reduce prices and increase payment delays. B2C companies also cannot boast of the fact that buyers bring big money directly to them. Everyone complains about the need to reduce prices, give discounts, constantly hold price promotions. As soon as your company is under constant pressure to reduce prices, it means only one thing - the customer sees nothing in your product that distinguishes it from others and simply does not want to overpay. Price pressure demonstrates the lack of decisive competitive advantage and the fact that you are floating in the red ocean.

We invite you to a one-day practicum by Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and Apple Consulting® for owners and top managers of companies in any industry. The program provides mechanics and tools that will allow you to develop a unique competitive edge for your product or service. Learn how to compete by creating a «value proposal» that eliminates the «pain» of the client, and forget about discounting your own margin!

During the Program, we will look at how to create unique value for the customer and look for product differentiation points:

  • Three building rules for a long-term successful company
  • Basic principles of long-term success for your company
  • Definition of the concept of «value» for the client and the methodology of its finding
  • Methodology for developing value proposal for clients
  • In-house change sales technology
  • The nature of resistance to change and 5 reasons for resistance
  • Difficult sales. Value proposal sales methodology

The audience of the program is the owners and the top managers who:

  • Want to differentiate themselves in the market
  • They are in constant pressure of price reductions
  • Have sales or margins drop
  • Want to work in the logic of creating more value for the customer
  • Prefer long-term solutions over short-term optimizations

Author and Lecturer of the Program - Partner, CEO of Apple Consulting®, Adjunct professor kmbs, Aspen Community Member Julia Plieva.

Program details and registration: https://bit.ly/2G6c4eL

Full detailed program: https://applecons.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Program_Decisive_Competitive_Edge_new-1.pdf

The cost of participation is 5500 UAH including VAT

10% discount for MBAs kmbs

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