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Knowledge Seminar "From Big Office to Multiple Homes: How to Organize, Motivate and Reward Your Office Employees Working Remotely"

April 10, 2020
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Knowledge Seminar

Quarantine measures all over the world leave business no choice but switch to working remotely. Effective remote work is not only about laptops and regular online meetings. It is about the way you control, organize, motivate and reward people during the period of economic uncertainty.

CFC Big Ideas has executed policies allowing employees to work from any place they wish without signing any additional paperwork since 2018. Combined with effective time control and reporting, rewards and motivation packages, this ensured a very smooth transition of CFC Big Ideas into the quarantine. What happened is really a migration from one office to multiple home-offices with no additional rules being introduced.

During the seminar, we considered:

  • Modern office as a place of massive distraction – advantages of remote working
  • Rules and policies for effective remote work
  • Drawbacks of remote work and ways to deal with them
  • How to effectively control people's time without intruding into their personal space
  • Rewards and motivation system – how to make every employee your business partner


Kostiantyn Gridin, Partner, CFC Big Ideas. Witthin CFC Big Ideas, Kostiantyn is responsible for operational and financial management, strategy development and project supervision. He is actively involved in the areas of strategic communications, corporate positioning and reputation management. A fluent speaker of Arabic, Kostyantyn is in charge of the projects that require close cooperation with the countries of the Arab Gulf and Middle East. Graduate of the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry program at Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University (USA).


Kseniia Yaroshenko

Policy Officer (Mobile Telecom Issues)


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