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Knowledge Seminar "Cooperation with Controversial Partners = Problems in Relations with the State? Experience and Advice of the Business Ombudsman Council”

October 12, 2021
2:00PM - 4:00PM
Knowledge Seminar

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, jointly with Business Ombudsman Council, held Knowledge Seminar "Cooperation with Controversial Partners = Problems in Relations with the State? Experience and Advice of the Business Ombudsman Council”.

The Business Ombudsman Council’s experience of reviewing almost 10,000 complaints shows that often problematic issues in relations with state bodies arise in business through relations with “controversial” business partners. What specific risks in relations with the state can be provoked by choosing the "wrong" counterparty? Is it possible to identify and prevent them? Answers to these questions backed up with practical cases will be provided by Kyryl Slastunov and Volodymyr Zabudskyi, the Business Ombudsman Council’s investigators.

During the meeting we discussed:

  • Consequences of cooperation with dishonest counterparties for the company's relations with state bodies
  • What counterparties can be considered "dishonest" by public authorities? The most common risk criteria
  • “Personal responsibility” vs “due diligence”: the extent to which a business is accountable to the state for its business partners
  • Prevention and mitigation of problems’ consequences associated with a business partner negative assessment by the state


Volodymyr Zabudskyi, investigator of the Business Ombudsman Council. Volodymyr has over 11 years of experience in tax and customs legislation, regulatory issues, public procurement, foreign trade, commercial, corporate, and labor law. He joined our team after working for the multinational firm PwC. Before that, he had worked for several local law firms. In 2012, he graduated from Kyiv University of Law of the National Academy of Science. In 2021, he obtained a master’s degree in Economy from Kyiv National Economic University, specializing in Accounting and Taxation (with honors).

Kyryl Slastunov, investigator of the Business Ombudsman Council. Kyryl Slastunov is a lawyer with 11 years of practical experience in corporate, civil, land, and tax issues. Before joining our team, Kyryl worked in the tax and legal department of Deloitte for over 7 years, focusing on tax dispute resolution. In 2006, he graduated from National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv with a master’s degree in Law.

The event is organized jointly with:

Business Ombudsman Council


Oleksandr Shpakovsky

Senior Events Coordinator

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