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II Annual Business Forum on Industrial Ecology “Ecomodernization-2021: Best Practical Solution”

March 29, 2021 - March 31, 2021
9:00AM - 6:00PM
II Annual Business Forum on Industrial Ecology “Ecomodernization-2021: Best Practical Solution”


ECOBUSINESS Group  and Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine together with CCI of Ukraine, ULIE

In the business program:

The main task of the event is to provide real support to the heads of enterprises and ecologists-practitioners in the implementation of environmental measures and increase the ecological and economic efficiency of the enterprise.

The basis of the program is a comprehensive analysis of existing and those that are preparing for the adoption of regulations and the best decisions on the eco-modernization of enterprises.

At the end of the forum, each participant will have a full idea of ​​how to make their activities more effective in ensuring environmental safety.

The key value of the forum: the choice of speakers is focused on those who are not interested in politics or eloquent criticism of the course, for them the main thing is to explain in simple and clear language how to live in current conditions, how to meet all requirements and how to optimize their work despite all the «but» and «if». Lively and useful communication of practitioners gives an opportunity to rethink some points, avoid similar mistakes and adapt to new realities. It should be noted that the dominance of various measures on environmental issues does not reduce the interest in this forum.

Within three days, experts will review normative legal acts projects and related new requirements for nature users. Particular attention will be paid to advanced technologies and analysis of successful practical solutions in the field of nature management.

The three-day forum includes:

  • Roadmap for the manager and production ecologist in the current year;
  • Prospects for changes in current environmental legislation;
  • The main obstacles: how to overcome them;
  • Interaction of government, business and society in solving environmental problems in the new environment;
  • The best cases on eco-modernization.

More details by the link: https://ecolog-ua.com

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