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November 11, 2021
9:00AM - 6:00PM

This year the Ukrainian Association of HR Professionals HR Pro will hold the HR Pro AWARDS for the first time. The main purpose is to celebrate the team and personal achievements of the profession, which will increase the level of professional practices in our country.

Kateryna Kovalevska, the Chief of HR Pro Association and Producer of the HR Pro AWARDS, said:

"We - HRs - do a lot to support the employees of our companies, highlight the best and motivate them to achieve new victories. Last year reiterated the critical role of HR for the sustainable development of companies. But for us, recognition is significant too. We need to know: everything we do is not in vain. We need to show our best projects, get feedback and support from the professional community. That's why we all really need the Awards now! ”

The main direction of HR Pro Association work is to increase the importance of the HR profession, development of professional competencies, exchange of experience, and implementation of the best world standards in human resources management.

That is why the professional HR Pro AWARDS was created.

Who determines the winners?

  1. Experts carry out the primary review of applications.

There are 50+  experts, including HR-market leaders in Ukraine and independent specialists.

Among the experts are specialists from such companies as Luxoft, Metinvest, GlobalLogic, SMART business, DTEK Networks, RAZOM group, Imperial Tobacco in Ukraine, robota.ua, etc. The full list of experts can be viewed here.

  1. A jury will also be selected from the experts mentioned (on the principle of lack of interests).

Participants who will receive the maximum of points will become finalists and be advanced to the next round. The jury evaluates the results.

KPMG will verify the independence of the evaluation.


Nominations are divided into Projects and Personalities.


CEO of the year – nomination for managers focused on employee development and retention. Whose companies demonstrate indicators to increase compensation, involvement and reduce staff turnover.

HR of the year – nomination for the heads of functions and HR directors; professionals, which is the reference for others.

HR influencer – nomination for professionals who contribute to the value of the profession and its development in the business environment.

This nomination is sponsored by the general partner of HR Pro AWARDS – robota.ua. Therefore, participants can be nominated for free.

The future star – nomination for professionals who will shine with new bright names in the HR industry.


The organizers divided the project nominations into medium and small businesses - up to 1,000 employees, and Big enterprise - more than 1,000 employees. This decision will ensure an honest assessment of projects from different business segments.

Recruitment. Nomination considers providing the organization with the necessary current and future knowledge, skills, and competencies involved from the outside market—innovative strategies for hiring and evaluating applicants, partnership programs, evaluation tools, automation of selection processes.

Training and Development. Nomination, which considers programs aimed at matching the knowledge and skills of employees with the needs of the organization. These are own training centres, corporate universities and academies, personnel reserve development programs, mentoring, coaching programs, social education projects, and many others.

Reward and Recognition. Nomination, which considers programs of material and intangible motivation of employees to attract and retain target talents in the organization. Loyalty and maintenance programs.

HR Analytics. Nomination, which considers building a sustainable business system through quality consolidation and data analysis about people.

Well-being and Health. Nomination, which considers programs that care for the health and quality of life of employees.

Diversity and Inclusion. Nomination, which considers programs for the formation of a culture of inclusiveness and diversity in companies. There are practices and effective solutions that allow different people to work in a team, examples of implementing the Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Digital work environment. Nomination, which considers projects related to digitalization and automation of employee experience. Programs to ensure a comfortable mode of remote work.

Submission of applications lasts until 14.05.2021

The award ceremony will take place: 11.11.2021

All details on nominations, evaluation criteria, the composition of experts and jury, timing can be found on the website of HR Pro AWARDS.

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