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English Language Course for Military Veterans & Families

March 22, 2021 - August 6, 2021
9:00AM - 6:00PM
English Language Course for Military Veterans & Families

American Foundation “People of Ukraine” is leading “Hire Military Veterans Initiative” and seeks support from employers who are interested in hiring veterans, course graduates.

We welcome sponsors interested in helping broaden the “English Language Program for Military Veterans” and to stand up the new computer literacy initiative “Basic Computer Skills for Military Veterans and Families”.

Course provides:

  • Speaking Practice
  • Grammar
  • Fast Learning Language Strategy
  • American Teachers
  • Building Resume
  • Hiring Assistance

After difficult, demanding, and dangerous service sacrificing so much for freedom in a combat zone, Ukrainian military veterans transitioning to civilian life often face many challenges. Research shows that veterans who had an emotionally traumatic experience while serving or had suffered a serious service-related injury can have significant difficulty with this transition.  While  military service provides veterans with countless skills and opportunities to build their abilities, figuring out how to translate these to civilian life can be complex. For many veterans, the transition process could be improved by focusing and developing broader life skills. The U.S. non-governmental organization  “People of Ukraine” is helping to tackle this issue with its “Hire Military Veterans of Ukraine Initiative.”  The goal is to empower Ukrainian military veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce while recognizing their distinguished contribution to a free and prosperous Ukraine.

Why are these Ukrainian military veterans of value to prospective employers?  Many widely recognized reasons.  Leadership and teamwork - military experience produces individuals who work to earn the respect of their peers and understand how to bring people together to pursue common goals.  They know how to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration. Transferable talents and knowledge- veterans have problem solving skills and the demonstrated ability to quickly learn new skills and concepts. Integrity - veterans understand the importance of honesty and accountability in the workplace. Triumph over adversity - in addition to dealing successfully with the standard issues of personal growth, these veterans have frequently triumphed over great adversity.

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