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Business School

AmCham Business School "Marketing Hub" Session "Marketing Positioning"

April 8, 2020
4:00PM - 6:00PM
AmCham Business School

Once the company has identified its target markets, it is important to clearly convey to consumers the main idea – why they should buy its product. The idea of positioning is at the heart of any brand's strategy. At the meeting, we discussed practical cases and models used to find and identify the positioning ideas.

In particular, during the session we told about:

  • How to properly evaluate the competition field for a particular product?
  • What is the logic behind positioning and defining key USPs?
  • What product attributes can be used during this process?
  • How to build and use perceptual maps?
  • How to formalize the ideas of positioning?


Oleksii Vynogradov, Vice president, MIM Business School. Author of more than 40 publications on marketing, headed marketing projects in companies Priocom, P5 Communications Inc., IDC. Graduate of Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and International Management Teachers Academy programs.

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Kseniia Yaroshenko

Policy Officer (Mobile Telecom Issues)


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