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Business School

AmCham Business School "Effective Communications" Session: "How to Plan and Coordinate Researches"

April 10, 2020
4:00PM - 6:00PM
AmCham Business School

Researches are a critical source of information for the development and implementation of any communication strategy. They help communication specialists to better understand their target audience, learn what it knows and what is its attitude is toward the goal of their communications. In addition, due to researches communication specialists can adjust the purpose and tools of communication influences long before the implementation of the strategy.

During the second session "How to plan and coordinate researches", we considered the following:

  • What is the research practice: tasks, methods, documents, procedures
  • Typical research requests and appropriate research solutions
  • Research roadmap: from the research need awareness to the research results implementation
  • Practical issues: how to choose the agency, check the questionnaire, control the fieldwork and evaluate the quality of the report


Yulia Masiyenko, lecturer at Old School: Training on Communication&Management. Managing Partner of MZ Hub. European Society of Marketing Research Professionals (ESOMAR) member.


Stay tuned with us and mark your calendars with upcoming sessions:
Friday, April 17 – Media consumption: all you need to know when planning a communication strategy
Friday, April 24 – Communication crisis: to-do and prevention list


Kseniia Yaroshenko

Policy Officer (Mobile Telecom Issues)


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