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Barlinek Invest LLC

Andriy Kostrytsya


Barlinek is the world's leading manufacturer of multi-layer wooden floors. Our organization supplies more than 12 million square meters of floors annually to 75 countries on 6 continents, and 40% of these floors come from the Ukrainian plant in Vinnytsia. The Group also produces biofuels – wooden pellets and briquettes. These natural and inexpensive heating fuels are enjoying growing interest, both from individual customers as well as heat and power plants. Their production allows to fully eliminate raw material waste in the production process. The Group has invested 100 million EUR in Ukraine and cooperates with more than 600 local suppliers. Currently, we employ over 4200 employees, including 1300 in Ukraine.

The Group operates in a socially responsible manner, caring for the employees, natural environment, business partners and local communities. As the world's leading manufacturer of wood flooring, Barlinek understands the need to protect forests in the world and supports all instruments to combat illegal logging. The group runs a program to plant 1 tree for each pack of Barlinek floors sold. Since year 2000 we have planted 17 million trees. The program is implemented in each country where we operate our plants - Poland, Ukraine and Romania.


Address 7V, Chekhova Str., Vinnytsya 21034, Ukraine

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