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Span LLC


Span company provides professional services for the creating and development of information systems, as well as technical support for users. Founded in 1993 in Croatia, Span has grown from a systems integrator to a global IT consultancy group serving more than 1,200 customers with 8 global offices (including Ukraine) on six continents, with a wide offering of cloud, security, and support services.

The company is developing solutions for the fast-paced digital world, from cloud consulting and implementation to security and support services. One of the core advantages of working with Span is the ability to access and utilize solutions from the world’s most prestigious software providers. From consultancy to licensing and implementation, Span experts understand how technologies from global IT vendors can power up your business. Span is an honorary global Gold level Microsoft partner, with 16 gold and 2 silver competencies, and 8 Microsoft advanced specializations.

The quality of Span services is confirmed by international ISO standards.


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