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With the Support of the SDM Partners Team, Record Tax Requirements Were Canceled

With the Support of the SDM Partners Team, Record Tax Requirements Were Canceled

The SDM Partners team, led by partners Serhiy Dzis and Mykola Melnyk, successfully defended the interests of Synevo Ukraine against the tax authorities.

The State Tax Service, as part of the planned tax audit "Synevo Ukraine", accrued additional tax liabilities in the record amount of UAH1'085'665'836, the case became widely known in the media and attracted public attention.

Having thoroughly analyzed all details of the matter, our lawyers, alongside with SYNEVO team, developed the legal position, filed the objections against the tax claim, supported “SYNEVO" in the out-of-court proceedings and communications with the tax and other state authorities having convinced the latter to completely withdraw the claim.

On December 20th, 2021, a meeting was held to discuss the situation with the participation of management and legal advisers of the company "Synevo", representatives of tax authorities, led by Acting Chairman of the State Tax Service Mykhailo Titarchuk, representatives of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy headed by its chairman Danylo Getmantsev. As a result of the meeting, the tax authorities completely canceled the report and the stated tax requirements; it was agreed to conduct a re-inspection.

This case once again confirms the competence of the law firm "SDM Partners" in resolving tax disputes.

We are pleased to congratulate our client “SYNEVO” on this significant achievement.

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