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Ukraine: Launch of Privatization of Ukrspyrt’s Assets

On 15 September 2020, the State Property Fund of Ukraine announced the privatization of property of Nemyrivske spirit production and storage site of SE "Ukrspyrt" ("Property"), the first out of 41 objects of SE "Ukrspyrt".

Key takeaways

What is being privatized: Over 30 real estate items (production facilities) and nine land plots located in Nemyriv, Vinnytska region. The Property is currently held by SE "Ukrspyrt" - Ukrainian largest producer of top-quality spirit and spirit containing products.

Procedure and conditions: The Property will be sold on the small-scale privatization auction. Among others, the purchaser is required to preserve the following until 1 July 2021:

  • Continuance of production of rectified spirit
  • At least 70% of existing employee positions involved in production as of 1 January 2020, and to keep such positions occupied within two months by at least 84 people.

Date of the auction: 15 October 2020.

License: in order to preserve continuance of production of rectified spirit, the purchaser of the Property will be required to obtain a license on carrying out of the respective activities.

Starting price and fees

  • Starting price: UAH 49,565,714.63 (net of VAT) (approx. 1,757,512 US dollars).
  • Security deposit for the participation in the auction: UAH 4,956,571.46 (approx. 175,751 US dollars).

Registration fee: UAH 944.60 (approx. 33 US dollars).


Should there be any interest in purchasing the Property, the following is advised:

  • Analyze the information about the Property that is published on https://privatization.gov.ua/.
  • Register on the electronic platform in order to participate in the auction.
  • Pay fees and deposits to participate in the auction.
  • Prepare and upload documents required for participation in the auction.

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