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Ukraine: Amended Procedure of Renewal and Extension of Procedural Terms Due to Quarantine

On 17 July 2020 the amendments to the procedural codes, affecting the procedure of renewal and extension of the procedural terms, became effective, touching, in particular, those terms, which were automatically suspended for the time of quarantine in March this year.​

Key takeaways

  • extension of the quarantine term is no longer a ground for the automatic suspension of the procedural terms
  • the procedural terms, which were suspended in March 2020 for the term of the quarantine, shall expire after the next 20 days
  • within the next 20 days the parties may apply for extension of the procedural terms

In addition

The amendments shall eliminate the negative effect from the automatic suspension of the procedural terms for the time of the quarantine, which was introduced earlier this year. The new regulation shall prevent the unjustified delays in consideration of cases because of the pending quarantine.

In particular, since now the court decisions, which were rendered by the courts during quarantine, shall become effective, which was not possible earlier as the procedural term for challenging thereof was suspended.

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