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This Year, Progresstech Ukraine Received the Sixth Letter of Thanks for Assistance to the Defense Forces

This Year, Progresstech Ukraine Received the Sixth Letter of Thanks for Assistance to the Defense Forces

July 28, 2023

Progresstech Ukraine has already received six letters of thanks from the Defense Forces this year.

In their letters, the commanders of units of the Armed Forces, National Guard, and other military and law enforcement units thank the Progresstech Ukraine team for their active position, patriotism, and support that inspires the defenders of the country. In particular, they single out the company’s volunteer initiatives to increase the troops’ combat readiness and strengthen the defense capabilities of regions that are under attack by the Russian Federation occupation forces.

From the very beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, both Progresstech Ukraine as a legal entity and hundreds of its employees privately have been regularly helping the Ukrainian army all together in any way they can.

With its own funds, the company provides the military with digital equipment for aerial reconnaissance and battle management; buys tactical clothing, dry rations, and medicines; and collects money for drones, pickups, jeeps, and prosthetics and rehabilitation for combatants.

Progresstech Ukraine supports its employees who joined the ranks of the defenders of Ukraine and takes care of their families.

The company and its staff make charitable contributions to restore destroyed social infrastructure and hospitals’ technical equipment and donate to repair damaged orphanages and meet the needs of schoolchildren from families of temporarily displaced persons.

In addition, through mandatory payments and contributions to state budgets at all levels, Progresstech Ukraine supports the national economy, which is suffering catastrophically from Russia’s full-scale invasion. In 2022, the company’s payments of taxes, fees, and regular contributions increased one and a half times compared to the previous pre-war year.

Progresstech Ukraine is also investing in regenerating the country’s intellectual human resources, depleted as a result of Russia’s aggression. Today, its significant reduction slows down the current resuscitation of the economy, and in the future, it will make the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine impossible. Therefore, the company directs a large share of its income to developing the system for training qualified engineering personnel, which is already in dire need for high-tech industries. During a year and a half of the hot phase of the war, Progresstech Ukraine significantly expanded the list of educational projects that it implements alone or in partnership with leading technical universities.

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