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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

Syrota Dzis Melnyk & Partners Lawyers Successfully Defend Large Energy Company’s Assets in Occupied Territory

At the Northern Commercial Court of Kyiv, a hearing took place where the legal team of SDM Law Firm successfully defended the interests of a major client in the energy market in a dispute with a lessor.

The energy company's assets, with Scandinavian investments, are located in the occupied territory. However, despite the impossibility of using the property in the occupied territory, the lessor filed a lawsuit to recover rental payments and a penalty of over a million hryvnias.

Syrota Dzis Melnyk & Partners lawyers - Dmytro Syrota, Kateryna Petrushyna, and Bohdan Zvarun, helped the client obtain certificates from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, defended the legal position regarding exemption from rental payments for the use of leased property located in the occupied territory and which is impossible to use due to the military actions of the aggressor.

"The client had several leased vehicles stuck in the occupied territory, and the lessor still demanded rental payments and a fine. In the courts of the first and second instances, we defended the interests of the energy company," comments Dmytro Syrota, Managing Partner of Syrota Dzis Melnyk & Partners. – "We consider this case a landmark for other enterprises whose property is in the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the neighbouring aggressor."

As a result of effective teamwork, the court established an essential approach to the use of property in conditions of martial law.

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