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Progresstech-Ukraine Increases Number of Engineering and IT Solution Developers for the Aerospace Industry

Progresstech-Ukraine Increases Number of Engineering and IT Solution Developers for the Aerospace Industry

Progresstech-Ukraine increased its workforce by 12% to 990 people in 2020 and continues to increase its staff this year. In January-March 2021, the company particularly stepped up recruiting programmers for the aviation industry, including new vacancies for developers of software solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Despite the global economic downturn and job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Progresstech-Ukraine created an additional 106 highly intellectual jobs during the year. Last year's recruitment was dominated by engineering positions, which are traditional for leading design centers in the machine-building industry. Over 90% of Progresstech-Ukraine's new hires took up positions as design engineers, technologists, structural engineers, and specialists in operational and service engineering.

At the same time, the company is expanding the composition of its aerospace software development group created in 2019. Over the course of the last year and the first months of this year, Progresstech-Ukraine doubled the number of programmers, including by opening new vacancies in the field of artificial intelligence.

In particular, Data Analyst and Machine Learning Engineer positions were added to the IT group. They create complex algorithms for process control based on analyzing large amounts of information and identifying patterns in them. The systems they build are self-learning, taking into account previous experience and acquiring the ability to choose optimal solutions from a variety of possible actions.

Strengthening the IT department will allow Progresstech-Ukraine to expand its participation in ongoing and future global projects to digitalize processes in civil aviation.

The engineering company Progresstech-Ukraine was established by PT-Americas, an American provider of intelligent services headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Progresstech-Ukraine develops engineering and IT solutions for enterprises in high-tech sectors. It is the largest service provider for Boeing in Eastern Europe. It is part of the international holding company Progresstechgroup, which consolidates a number of design centers in Europe and North America and has 14 offices worldwide.

The company, together with the country's technical universities, launched dual training programs to develop Ukrainian engineering education, training qualified engineers for the aviation industry and other industries.

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