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Intetics Gives a Vacation to Children from Ukraine

Intetics Gives a Vacation to Children from Ukraine

Having implemented charitable activities for many years, the international IT company Intetics organized a large group trip to a popular children's camp for children from the hotspots of Ukraine. Intetics bought tickets to the Artek-Bukovel camp and arranged a real vacation for young Ukrainians.

“The idea to help children from Ukraine lay on the surface. Implementing it was prompted by accidentally seeing an online advertisement for a camp in the Carpathians,” says CEO and President of Intetics Boris Kontsevoi, the main initiator of the trip to Artek-Bukovel. “We consider it important to help the smallest members of our society. From time to time, Intetics donates funds to children’s charities and organizations. This time we decided to give the children a real vacation.”

Representatives of the International Charitable Foundation “Caritas Mariupol,” which has now been forced to move to Zaporizhzhia, helped to assemble a children's group. Raisa, the representative of the charity fund "Caritas Mariupol," shared her memories of the gathering of a group of children:

“We help these families in humanitarian and social terms. We (the Foundation team) ourselves are also in the same situation as victims and displaced persons. A representative of the Intetics company turned to our foundation with a request to help organize the gathering of children from Mariupol and nearby settlements. These are families who have experienced a lot in their cities but were able to leave and escape. These families have children with disabilities, these are families with many children, as well as families that have employees in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

In total, the group included 15 boys and girls aged 6 to 15 from Mariupol, Volnovakha, and nearby towns and villages in the Donetsk region.

“It is the first experience of organizing a trip of this kind by Intetics,” company representatives say. “It took us 1.5 months to have time to prepare everything for the trip. Every detail had to be thought through and considered. We started by looking for volunteers to help spread the word about our charity event. Then we had to calculate and think over the coordination, buy tickets for children and parents, purchase vouchers, and order a transfer to the camp and back. We also booked a hostel for children and parents. And most importantly, they were in touch 24/7 in a specially created chat room for the trip, where parents could ask any question of interest or call. There were a lot of questions and worries from all sides, but we managed to successfully implement the charity event.
We are glad that we were able to give the children a wonderful vacation, and for them to experience the unique moments of summer.”

For children, the time at camp flew by. The small wards of Intetics teams climbed the Carpathian Mount Khomyak and went on a hiking route to the Retega valley, admired the Carpathians from the ski lift, swam in the pool and played bowling, participated in mass games and relay races, and went through an initiation into the Artek people.

Children and parents are both happy. Anastasia from Mariupol shares her impressions and the impressions of her daughters:

“My colleague called me and told me about the company Intetics, which wants to help children from Mariupol return to the world of childhood again. These are tough times in every Ukrainian family when it is exceedingly difficult for adults to control themselves, what can we say about children? The child is in a constant state of anxiety. A trip to the camp is an emotional rescue for children, they find themselves in a completely different reality: cheerful, carefree, and bright. There is no doubt that it is particularly important for children to have a happy childhood. The impressions were simply amazing. I wanted to remember every minute of this journey. The children reacted very positively to the news, which is to be expected from a trip to the best camp in Ukraine, they took it as a real adventure. Most of all, the children remembered communication with new friends, cable car rides, sports competitions, creative competitions, and picturesque views”.

Parents also confirm that the trip was more relevant than ever and necessary for their children.

“There is no doubt. In the past, children used to go camping during the summer holidays. This year we did not have this opportunity financially, plus the children experienced stress and lost friends, the opportunity to relax was needed more than ever. Children had the most positive experience. Again, they compare it with other camps where they have been before - they confidently declare that this is the best camp of all. I remember excursions, entertainment, hiking in the mountains,” says Svetlana, mother of 15-year-old Vladislav and 9-year-old Maria from Mariupol.

Intetics is confident that the idea of a trip to the camp was a 100% success. The company will continue to implement charity events in the future.

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