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FARMERHOOD: From Farmers to Farmers. Donation Project kicks off in Ukraine and the USA

FARMERHOOD: From Farmers to Farmers. Donation Project kicks off in Ukraine and the USA

FARMERHOOD – is a long term donation project designed to help Ukrainian farmers in war torn areas as they struggle to maintain their business operations and workforce, as well as restore  their facilities and homes. FARMERHOOD speaks of the essence of brother & sisterhood in agriculture, based on the same calling, the spirit of unity and integrity, companionship, and mutual support.

Alongside many crises arising from the Russia to Ukraine military invasion there is an increased threat to global food security since Ukraine`s agricultural production and export capacities were tangibly disrupted by war.  Being a worldwide supplier of many essential crops, a lot of countries depend on Ukraine and their farmers. Helping Ukrainian farmers now will secure global food supply chain, small farmers` livelihoods and leverage the farmers partnerships on many levels.

That's why international and national leaders have come together in FARMERHOOD. The Project is co-founded with DAR Ukrainian charitable foundation, Alight international charitable foundation, Syngenta, Feodal, EarthDaily Agro and Kernel Trade, as well as supported by partners such as Growex, Agrilab, OKKO, Epicenter, Baker Tilly, Youcontrol, Arriba!, Zeep, and Latifundist Media Holding.

FARMERHOOD donation platform idea and its mechanism would not have been developed unless contributed by reliable organizations across agriculture, tax and legal, land audit, digital marketing, and charity foundations.

The Project focuses on Ukrainian farmers with a landbank up to 1,200 acres (500 ha) located in the regions impacted by war. The registration and donation platform is open to UA farmers, US farm cooperatives and growers’ organizations. More information on how to get help is here https://farmerhood.org/

Inessa Kravchenko Vourey, EAME Business Head at Earth Daily Agro says: ‘We just could not stand watching Ukrainian villages being ruined and farms destroyed, and the richest soil that feeds 400 m people worldwide, going ravaged. We stepped up. This is an ambitious charity initiative that is driven by a strong feeling of comradery and solidarity within a farmer community not only in Ukraine and the USA, but all around the globe.’

Roman Khrypko, Agronomic Risk Mitigation Lead at Syngenta Ukraine says: ‘At Syngenta we are deeply committed to provide aid and support to the farmers in Ukraine, who, despite all horrors of war, continue their mission in the fields. Our common goal is not only to help them grow sustainably at times of uncertainty, but also to cultivate resilience and hope in their communities. We believe the Project will power the recovery and renewal of agriculture in Ukraine, and we are most honored to stand beside our farmers now and beyond’.

FARMERHOOD is a credible platform that offers Ukrainian farmers what they now most need under five donation options:

  • Agricultural inputs such as seeds and crop protection
  • Precision farming services to improve efficiency use of limited resources
  • Fuel voucher to help run field operations
  • Reparation voucher to help repair farm facilities
  • Cash to partially cover farmworkers’ salary, land share costs, and other farm needs in regions with constrained logistics

OKKO, Growex, Epicentr, Agrilab are well-known suppliers and most common in the their segment  to provide high-quality goods and services under the donation category chosen by a farmer.

The donation mechanism requires the highest level of transparency and credibility for both sides, donors and recipients, that is why the project is operationally managed by trusted companies like Feodal, You Control, and Baker Tilly.

Andriy Demianovych, CEO of Feodal, says: ‘Together with our partners, we have created a transparent and reliable tool that will allow foreign colleagues to help Ukrainian farmers through a convenient digital platform. It is not the first charity project Feodal team has been involved in.  Today we are glad to have another opportunity to support Ukrainian agricultural producers. We provide a technological solution for the project and act as a critical filter in processing and verifying applications’.

Donors can be sure their funds will be delivered to the recipients. With just a few clicks on the digital platform Ukrainian farmers can apply for a program registration, whereas foreign peers can easily go to donation button and select a relevant charity category and farmers they wish to help.

Kateryna Konoshchuk, Project Lead at DAR says:Every partner has got their tasks and a roadmap to deliver a project. Alight International Foundation collects funds from foreign farmers and corporate donors, generates tax bills, and transfers funds transfers to DAR foundation in Ukraine, who manages accruals processes and transfers help directly to Ukrainian farmers. Supported by Sigma Blayzer International Investment company, DAR has been providing the most necessary charitable assistance in accordance with legal and ethical requirements and financial reporting for all projects in which the Foundation was directly involved’

Kernel Trade, the world's leading and Ukraine’s largest producer and exporter of sunflower oil, and other ag produce raised funds to support FARMERHOOD.

Oleksandr Golovin, Procurement and Commercial Operations Head at Kernel Trade says:"The war has united people, businesses, and countries for a common goal. Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, Kernel has been helping the Armed Forces and Ukrainians. Ukrainian agricultural producers need support now more than ever before. As a major market player, we recognize our responsibility for the industry development at macro level and more, so we are joining the Project to help restore the lost potential of Ukrainian agriculture and provide the sector with new touch points of support’.

Youcontrol  provides data sourced from the unified state register, enforcement proceedings register, agrarian receipts register and the debtors register to verify of all counterparties.

Arriba! designed FARMERHOOD branding.

Latifundist mediaholding is a major Project`s media partner on Ukrainian market who will promote the Project on www.kurkul.com , www.superagronom.com and www.zemliak.com with a relevant  target audience of small and middle size farms.

Zeep is a Ukrainian agrarian marketing agency that develops content and promotes the project on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Baker Tilly provides professional accounting and tax support for the Project.

FARMERHOOD aims to help Ukrainian farmers start rebuilding and continue producing grain and oil crops, and vegetables now, also support them in the long term. The founders hope the Project will prove to be a success and become a large-scale program for Ukraine's agricultural sector recovery after war, with a further involvement of many other corporate agricultural leaders, banks, traders, and business associations.

To visit FARMERHOOD website follow https://farmerhood.org/.

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