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Ecomobility Summer. How Intellias Is Promoting Bike Culture in 5 Ukrainian Cities

Ecomobility Summer. How Intellias Is Promoting Bike Culture in 5 Ukrainian Cities

On June 3rd, on International World Bicycle Day, Intellias launched a large-scale project to promote cycling. Ecomobility summer will impact eco-mobility development at different levels: strategic and tactical improvement of cycling infrastructure, educational and entertainment activities and promotion. Ecomobility summer will take place in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as online. It will target company employees, members of their families and friends, and later, there will be events for everyone to participate in. 

The project started with the #IntelliBike Challenge initiative. The company has selected 5 ambassadors in five cities who will cycle for 75 days in summer and share their experience. They will be joined by other specialists, who will switch to bikes in terms of #IntelliBike Flashmob. 

Bicycle is the most environmentally friendly type of transportation and has many advantages: it reduces the load on the transport system, does not pollute the air and helps to maintain healthy lifestyle. We wish more people to choose bicycles, and to have a better infrastructure, therefore we organize such diverse activities. We believe that this way we are one step closer to sustainable and eco-mobile cities” — comments Mykhailo Puzrakov, Executive Chairman & COO of the company. 

In the end of June, Intellias will organize an online cycling school for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of traffic rules and learn how to ride safer. 

In July, special short films screenings about sustainable mobility in cities will take place at the Lviv office. The films will be available online for free to all within International Wiz-Art Short Film Festival. 

On August 7, the first in Ukraine festival of tactical urbanism "ROVERnemo" will take place, during which it is planned to mark the cycling infrastructure, arrange a bicycle parking lot, hold children's Balance bicycle championship and other festive activities. The event is organized in partnership with the City Institute and the local cycling community. 

Since May 2021, the company's specialists have provided mentoring support to the team that creates an application for beginner cyclists within the Boot camp project from the Kharkiv IT cluster. 

You can follow the updates on the project website: ecomobility-summer.intellias.ua and on Intellias social media pages.

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