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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

Corteva. Always with You. Solely with Ukraine

At Corteva, we believe that human life is the highest value. That is why we are almost the only ones among the large producers of seeds and crop protection products who has quitted the russian market, and we support Ukrainians. Our company is actively engaged in helping the victims and has already allocated over 50 million hryvnias to finance charity.

As the new sowing season will soon begin, many things that are difficult to predict and many challenges are already facing farmers. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything, and we do not deny this serious reality. But, despite difficulties, we at Corteva continue to work together and support Ukrainian farmers in our words, deeds, and our products.

To express our support, we keep on with the communication campaign "Always with you. Solely with Ukraine", and we would like to share our new video message. After all, we are always with you. And only with Ukraine.

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