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BDO in Ukraine at “FutureTech: Creating Tomorrow Today” Held by Diia.City United

BDO in Ukraine at “FutureTech: Creating Tomorrow Today” Held by Diia.City United

FutureTech: Creating Tomorrow Today

FutureTech is a new format of events by the business community Diia.City United, which will take place quarterly. At the first working meeting “FutureTech: Creating Tomorrow Today”, together with representatives of government and business, a strategic scenario for the development of the technological industry was outlined — desirable yet realistic. The current situation, forecasts until the end of the year, government plans, and business expectations regarding the unique tax and legal space of Diia.City were discussed.

Key Insights of the Event:

  • Transition of SP to gig contracts within the terms defined by the legislation.
  • City is a new system, requires time for its regulation.
  • Skilled personnel are the main resource of IT companies, but there is no final decision on economic booking, which may affect investment attraction in this sector.
  • Retraining and further involvement of people over 60 and women in projects considering the current realities in the country.

We express our gratitude to the holders of the event Diia.City United and are thankful for the trust to be a part of this business community, which works for the development of our country’s economy and serves as a platform for discussing and implementing issues between business and the state.

BDO in Ukraine is a resident of Diia.City and provides professional audit support for Diia City residents. Reach out to us for additional consultation.

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