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Webinar "Oracle Digital Transformation: Fast Forward to the Next Normal"

February 18, 2021
11:00AM - 1:00PM

CIOs and CTOs have been among the pandemic response business heroes by rapidly pivoting their organizations to enable safe remote working. CIOs must consider business continuity with a focus on people, security, and budgets. The new normal is driving organizations to act faster than ever before on their digitization plans. With the complexity of workloads under consideration to migrate, it's clear a solid infrastructure and robust data management will be one of their top priorities as they're building a business case for the cloud.

Participants had an opportunity to discuss the acceleration of digital transformation, and it's main challenges and how companies can get ready for it. The guest speaker also told about Oracle's experience, expertise, and products that maximize performance and security while delivering autonomous services for improved efficiencies with data and exclusive automated migration tools that make it easier and cost-effective to make data and cloud the business agility engine.


Diana Fernandez
Senior Director Business Development
Oracle EMEA


Oleksandr Shpakovsky

Events Coordinator


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