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VIІ International Forum "Transfer pricing and International Taxation – 2021"

September 9, 2021
9:00AM - 6:00PM
VIІ International Forum

EUCON Legal Group, together with the School of Transfer Pricing, invites you to participate in the annual event - VII International Forum "Transfer Pricing and International Taxation - 2021" on September 9, 2021!

This year it is possible to participate both online and offline. The number of seats in the hall is limited.

Legislative novelties, current issues, development prospects, practical cases, aspects of work in Transfer Pricing will traditionally be the main topics of discussion. As usual, the participants shall be the best experts in Transfer Pricing, taxation, finance, accounting, banking, law and others.

The key issues of the Forum: 

  • Review of the latest innovations related to the implementation of certain provisions of the BEPS 2020 plan in Ukraine;
  • Introduction of the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for the automatic exchange of tax information with other jurisdictions;
  • Application of indirect methods of financial control;
  • The concept of "business purpose" in controlled transactions, as well as related justification tools;
  • Transfer Pricing control measures under quarantine restrictions. Did the inspections resume after the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No.89 on February 3, 2021?
  • Transfer Pricing rules as a business process planning tool;
  • The recent case law in the context of disputes on procedures to justify compliance of operations with the principle of "outstretched arm".

This event is a unique modern platform; it unites the top experts in Transfer Pricing. Further still, it offers taxpayers a great opportunity to get first-hand information and answers to urgent questions. This Forum makes it possible to join the process of industry development, communicate with representatives of the State Tax Service and other government agencies and learn from colleagues.

Speakers:  officials of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, judges, domestic and foreign experts in Transfer Pricing, legal practitioners and auditors.


We kindly invite to participate this event CFOs and Chief Accountants of the companies that have to report on Transfer Pricing and that are subject to the related control; we also invite to the Forum professionals of Transfer Pricing planning and economic departments, lawyers working in tax practices, auditors and all the interested.


Contact person - Olena Vakulik, +38044-238-09-44, events@euconlaw.com

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