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Partners’ Events

The Two-Day Water Forum "Water in Industry and Agriculture in the Context of War and Climate Crisis"

September 26, 2023 - September 27, 2023
9:00AM - 6:00PM
The Two-Day Water Forum

Date: September 26-27.

Venue: offline - Kyiv, UCCI (Ukraine, 01601, Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33); online - link to join will be provided after registration.

How to prevent Ukrainian communities and industry from being left without water?

On September 26-27, more than 30 leading experts will share their vision on solving urgent problems of water supply and water use.

In the context of the war and climate change, it is worth focusing on several important programs that should be prioritized in Ukraine, such as:

  • efforts to conserve water;
  • availability of clean water and sewerage;
  • food and energy security;
  • and mitigation of natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

In addition, these programs also require a lot of innovation - especially innovative financing that the government and the private sector attract; technological innovations to manage food and energy needs; and a commitment from all parties to contribute and work together.

That is why, at the initiative of the PAEW Association of Environmental Professionals, the Geological Investment Group, and the Office of Sustainable Solutions, a two-day professional event on "Water in Industry and Agriculture in the Context of War and Climate Crisis" will be held on September 26 and 27.

Representatives of the Presidential Office, Government, business, expert community, communities, local authorities, and scientists are invited to participate.

In the program:

Day 1: Strategic

Session 1: Water security of the state. Will we have enough water?

  • Water in the context of national security, defense and European integration
  • The state's vision of the conservation and rational use of water resources. Water security of the state: from strategy to real changes
  • Preservation of peatlands - a source of water and defense capability
  • Water supply system - basic infrastructure of the economy
  • The experience of communities in water conservation and restoration
  • All about water resources monitoring
  • International experience of water transformation

Session 2: Discussion - Is the industrial sector ready for the new rules of the game?

  • How to calculate the cost of water for communities and industries?
  • Regulation of subsoil extraction and use: is the system aimed at sustainable development and rational water use?

Session 3: Modernization in practice: solutions and obstacles

  • Where to get funds for modernization? About investments, international loans and grants
  • Modernization of water utilities: how to launch reforms
  • All about water treatment: technologies, methods, equipment

Day 2. Practical

Session 4. Water in industry

  • State regulation of the "water issue" and liability for violations
  • Judicial practice
  • Speeches by representatives of the real sector of the economy - problems and proposed solutions: Agriculture, oil and gas sector, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy

Languages of the event: Ukrainian and English

More information about the Forum and registration is available HERE.

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