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Roundtable Discussion "Ukraine-Israel Free Trade Agreement: Peculiarities, Opportunities, Business View"

May 26, 2021
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Roundtable Discussion

On January 1, 2021, a Ukraine-Israel Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force. The Agreement is aimed at promotion of the development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the countries. It allows domestic producers to benefit from the liberalization of the goods market, open up opportunities for both widening of markets and development and modernization of production.


  • Introduction to Free Trade Agreements (short economic review of expected results for both Ukraine and Israel)
  • Regulatory aspects of Ukraine-Israel FTA:
    • The agreement covers only goods. Is it planned to conclude further agreements on the liberalization of trade in services and other areas?
    • Does the Agreement cover all goods or are there any exceptions? If so, what exemptions from the free trade regime apply to exports of goods from Ukraine to Israel and vice versa?
    • Liberalization of import duties: peculiarities, list of goods, transitional periods, etc. (for both Ukraine and Israel)
    • Tariff quotas list of goods and to which extent it will be applied (for both Ukraine and Israel)
  • Practical aspects of the FTA:
    • Brief overview of rules of origin
    • Peculiarities of obtaining the certificates of origin: practical aspects
  • Application of the FTA in terms of the Pan-Euro-Med Convention usage
  • Perspectives of Ukraine-Israel FTA. Israeli view
  • Advantages of doing business with FTA countries for businesses in Ukraine and Israel. Ukrainian view


  1. Representatives of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine
  2. Representatives of the State Customs Service of Ukraine
  3. Israeli Government representative
  4. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine


Oksana Shvets

Senior Policy Officer (Tax & Customs Issues)


Official Service Providers