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Meeting with the MinDigital Leadership

April 3, 2020
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Meeting with the MinDigital Leadership

On April 3 Chamber Board of Directors together with leadership of a number of Chamber Committees held a meeting with leadership of the Ministry of Digital Transformation – Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister on IT development issues, Lyudmyla Rabchynska, Deputy Minister on administrative services issues, and Oleksandr Shelest, Deputy Minister on digital infrastructure issues.

Key topics of discussion were business processes digitalization, deregulation of business, and covered the following issues:

  • Future of the IT industry development and cooperation between Chamber and the Ministry.

Deputy Minister Bornyakov shared presentation “Diia City”, main concept of which foresees creating a virtual free economic zone for IT and introducing a new tax system, e-residency in Ukraine, opportunity to apply the law of any country (e.g. British Law), special conditions of currency regulation, etc.
Cloud services usage in Ukraine and future of Draft Law #2655 “On Cloud Services”.

  • Introduction of additional option of electronic signature certification to ensure the continuity of activity of legal entities-residents and non-residents in Ukraine in the current conditions. Establishment of the unified system for certification of signatures.
  • Full-scale implementation of digital signature option and digital seal, electronic documents workflow progress. Participants of the meeting asked the Ministry to develop respective recommendations for ensuring electronic digital turnover. Contact person – Lyudmyla Rabchynska, Deputy Minister on administrative services issues.
  • Adoption of international electronic digital solutions (DocuSign, 3SKey) for documents issued abroad to ensure that there are no obstacles in the activity of non-residents in Ukraine.
  • Introduction of 0% VAT on export of telecom services as foreseen by Draft Law #2041 amending taxation rules of international roaming services.
  • Issue on conducting a transparent and open auction for radio frequencies of certain ranges held by the state.
  • B2B data exchange and electronical interchange – absence of recognition of Ukrainian and foreign certificates of public keys and electronic signatures, which does not allow Ukrainian and foreign counterparties to use local e-identification tools through their mutual recognition.
  • Current state and MinDigital vision on development on e-documents governing the process of employees’ management.
  • Option of submitting in e-format all documents on circulation of warehouse documents for grain, processes for granting orders for re-registration and shipment of grain at grain warehouses.
  • Improvement of functioning of the Main Register of Warehouse Documents for Grains Accepted for Storage the Register of the Grain Warehouses, as well as transformation of the Register into electronic cabinet.


Galyna Isakiv

Senior Policy Officer (Committees)

Official Service Providers


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