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Knowledge Seminar "Covid-19 in Ukraine: How to Hold the General Meetings in the LLCs and JSCs?"

April 7, 2020
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Knowledge Seminar

Outbreak of Covid-19 disease in Ukraine and implementation of the governmental restrictive measures against its spread will likely affect the holding of general meetings of participants (the "General Meeting") in limited liability companies (the "LLCs") and the general meetings of the shareholders (the "Shareholders' Meeting") in joint stock companies (the "JSCs") in Ukraine, the adoption of their resolutions and carrying out registration actions on matters in such resolutions subject to registration in the corporate registry. What are the law implications for holding General Meetings or Shareholders' Meetings in the current situation with COVID-19? How to comply with the law requirements and avoid any possibility of challenging the resolutions approved by the General Meetings or Shareholders' Meetings?

In particular, during the seminar we considered:

  • PART 1. Holding the General Meeting in LLCs
    • What procedures for the General Meeting in LLCs are provided by the Ukrainian law?
    • What are the options for holding the General Meeting during COVID-19?
    • How to hold the General Meeting on matters subject to further state registration?
  • PART 2. Holding the Shareholders' Meeting in JSCs
    • What is the impact of COVID-19 preventative measures for holding the Shareholders' Meetings in JSCs?
    • Procedures for holding the Shareholders' Meetings which can be implemented: pros and cons
    • Annual Shareholders' Meeting in JSCs: to be or not to be in Ukraine? Recent law developments in relation to Annual Shareholders' Meetings
  • PART 3. Court practice on challenging the validity of the decisions of the General Meetings and the Shareholders' Meetings


Yuliia Kylchynska, Senior Associate at EVERLEGAL. Yuliia focuses on Corporate and M&A, Employment matters and Corporate Governance. She is also involved in Antitrust and Competition practice. Yuliia has more than 10 years of professional experience with leading law firms in Ukraine.

Adriana Kryveshko, Associate at EVERLEGAL. Adriana's practice areas are Corporate and M&A, Antitrust & Competition and Commercial Matters. Among other things, Adriana has worked on a number of cross-border M&A transactions in the renewables and oil & gas sectors.



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