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Knowledge Seminar "4 Disciplines of Execution"®

April 13, 2020
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Knowledge Seminar

When it comes to attaining wildly important organizational goals, the role of the manager in the business execution process is critical. During the seminar, there цуку presented the certified FranklinCovey program ""4 Disciplines of Execution"®, which gives a proven set of practices to achieve superb results at the workplace.

During the seminar we considerув the following components of the program:

  • Researches results
  • Discipline 1: Focus on WIG®
  • Discipline 2: Act on Lead Measures®
  • Discipline 3: Keep on Compelling Scorecard®
  • Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of Accountability®
  • Implementation Process


Dmytro Tretiak, Managing Director, FranklinCovey Ukraine. Earlier within Procter & Gamble, Dmytro managed top 10 countries within hub team in Geneva including marketing and strategy planning, sales, G2M, people management, merges, acquisitions etc. Dmytro was also a FranklinCovey Corporate Trainer for "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"® in Procter & Gamble. Also Mr. Tretiak served as Marketing and Portfolio Management Director in Tetra Pak CIS.


Oleksandr Shpakovsky

Events Coordinator


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