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Investment For Techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference

June 30, 2022
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Investment For Techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference

Investment For Techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference is the international online event for everyone engaged in IT projects and willing to better manage personal finances as a techie.

Conference content is prepared especially for tech-savvy people like software developers and other specialists in the IT domain. The Investment For Techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference will cover the available investment options and the most effective practices for managing your investment portfolio. 

There are numerous ways of investing your money, therefore, it can be quite overwhelming for many beginners. The first step for those who lack investment experience is learning from experts' experience. 

We’ve compiled a program that includes 6 crucial topics for tech-savvy people who also happen to be rookies in investment. With digital tools and apps, a sufficient amount of time, and some dedicated financial education, even newbies could be able to manage personal investments themselves.

NB: The pandemic has been around for 2 years and the escalation of the war in the biggest European country ​— Ukraine — began 4 months ago. We have all been affected by both to a greater or lesser extent, and the investing world has not been an exception. However, people want to accumulate savings and even try to multiply personal funds. It goes beyond personal financial safety, and also implies society's financial sustainability and the opportunity to help people and NGOs during challenging times.

The conference offers over 6 educational speeches, an impressive selection of speakers, 3 hours of practical content, and live networking in an innovative virtual space. The conference is hosted by Innovecs in cooperation with Party.Space.

We gathered experienced speakers and the best practices for your investment portfolio management. Please meet our speakers and their topics below:

  • Ivan Kompan, Director at Deloitte Ukraine Academy, Founder First Kyiv Investment Club, will disclose the topic “How to Make Money in International Capital Markets” 
  • Diana Kocheva, Business Development Manager at the London startup Thirdblock, will present the topic “Investing in NFTs vs. Classical Art”
  • Egita Polanska, Partner of Wise Guys Cyber Fund & Cyber Program Managing Director at Startup Wise Guys, will share her experience of how they at Startup Wise Guys make investments at acceleration stage, how they are looking for companies
  • Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO, the global cryptocurrency exchange, will cover the topic “Why Crypto Is Really That Simple: Effective Investment of Today?”
  • Terezia Jacova, Co-founder of Lumus Investment Collective, will disclose the topic “Essentials of Angel Investing”
  • Emilia De Stasio, COO and Co-Founder of Artscapy, an online platform for all collector needs, will introduce the topic “Venture Сapital”

Investment for techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference details:   

For whom: Tech-savvy investing newbies; Software Developers, Engineering Managers, Architectors, and all people in tech who want to make the very first steps in finance management.   

Where: live online in virtual rooms at Party.Space    

When: June 30, 16:00 (GMT+2)

How much: free, you have to fill out the registration form: https://bit.ly/3xLKoWY 

Choose how you would like to attend:

  • register to attend the live event “in person” at the virtual conference space 
  • get a video record later

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Remember that time is money." So don’t waste either of them: registration is now open →https://bit.ly/3xLKoWY  Fill out the form right now and get your free ticket!

There are investment opportunities everywhere. As long as you remember that, and stay abreast of trends and understand them, chances of better investment returns are high. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to learn ways of diversifying your investment portfolio thanks to Investment for techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference.

Obligatory Disclaimer

Please note: Conference content is not an individual investment advice, but presents a summary of our speakers' investment decisions or conclusions based on their professional activity.

The information provided during the conference is broad and is intended for educational purposes only. Nothing published by Innovecs constitutes an investment recommendation, and no investment activity should rely on any data or content posted by the company. 

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