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EQ Business Forum: Resilience

December 8, 2022
10:00AM - 5:00PM
EQ Business Forum: Resilience

At this difficult time, on December 8, we will hold EQ BUSINEES FORUM with the focus of resilience. We are sure: before implementing methods and tools to achieve goals in uncertain conditions, it is worth to understand your thoughts and the mindset.

At this Forum you will expertly delve into the topic of emotional intelligence. Define the peculiarities of thinking and emotions in the crisis. You will find out the chief means of making important decisions in a state of re-traumatization. We will analyze the main cognitive distortions, discuss different types of empathies in leadership and features of neuroleadership, practical means of gaining a resource of resilience.

The Forum consists of thematic sessions:

  1. Influence of emotions and mindset on resilience
  2. Cognitive dissonance: How to effectively think at a time of constant changes
  3. NeuroLeadership in extreme uncertainty


  • Natalya Kadya, expert of neuromanagement, neuroinvestigator, coach for the development of leadership
  • Yunona Lototska, PhD, expert on successful transformations, management consultant
  • Artem Bykovets, Agile coach, organizational consultant, owner Simplesense
  • Andriy Kryuchkov, strategic decision coach, team coach in strategy implementation and change management
  • Tetiana Zhdanova, expert of marketing of sences, marketologist, author of approach gravitation marketing etc.

Program and Speakers: https://v.gd/zmkAu7

Participation: online

Date: 08.12.2022

Buy tickets: https://v.gd/PzLDmF

Special conditions of participation for teams.

The organizer of EQ Business forum is KA Group.

Call us: +380 63 247 94 74

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