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BUSINESS THINKERS FORUM'2021: Leadership. Strategies. Principles

March 18, 2021
8:30AM - 6:00PM
BUSINESS THINKERS FORUM'2021: Leadership.  Strategies.  Principles

2020 tested Ukrainian business for speed of reaction and strength, finding those who did not survive the crisis and those who masterfully saddled the wave during the storm.  In the minds and hearts of owners and managers of successful companies live global ideas and navigators of their implementation at the international level. In the rapid change rhythm, they are acutely aware of what business leaders need to do and what is important to talk about right now for a new phase of growth tomorrow.

On March 18, 2021, in the framework of "BUSINESS THINKERS FORUM'2021: Leadership.  Strategies.  Principles”, in the circle of conscious and effective business thinkers of Ukraine, we will discuss the main challenges in the future.

BUSINESS THINKERS FORUM'2021 are "fragile" business development strategies, new paradigms of leadership and principles of effective growth of companies in an ideal storm.

1 day.  1 scene.  5-panel discussions.  25 experts


  • GROWTH MINDSET TALK: Critical Thinking in the Management Decision Paradigm?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: How to manage change and generate new business strategies?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the peculiarity of the perception of challenges and crises "in Ukrainian"?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: What leaders do today's businesses need?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: How to create and implement innovative projects in the new reality?

Forum date: March 18, 2021

Format and venue: Kyiv | Offline | Online

Link to the forum site for quick registration: http://btf.kagroup.ua/

BUSINESS THINKERS FORUM'2021: Leadership.  Strategies.  Principles - this is where the formation of the future begins.  Join!

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