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Business School

AmCham Business School Session "Stress and Performance Management"

March 6, 2024
5:00PM - 7:00PM
AmCham Business School Session

Together with Dr. Shvindina, the participants explored the various facets of stress management in the workplace. We delved into the terminology of stress, distinguishing between challenges and threats, stressors, and strains. A comprehensive look at the Transactional Theory of Stress provided insight into the dynamic nature of stress interactions. Participants learned about the connection between stress and productivity and understood how stress can impact work performance. Finally, we introduced and practiced active strategies for coping with stress, ensuring that employees can maintain high productivity and well-being.

Participants had a chance to equip themselves with invaluable knowledge and strategies for navigating stress in the workplace and optimizing performance.


Dr. Hanna Shvindina, an Associate Professor at American University Kyiv.
Dr. Shvindina received a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Protection and a Doctor of Science in Economics and Management at the Enterprises at Sumy State University. Dr. Shvindina is a Fulbright Scholar and an author of more than 100 research articles. Her scientific interests include competition, strategies and innovations, change management, organizational development, civic education, and leadership. Dr. Shvindina is the CEO of NGO “Lifelong Learning Centre,” where she provides courses on leadership and communications, organizes the program on empowerment for the local community, and offers community services. Thanks to Hanna’s efforts, Sumy City became a UNESCO Network of Learning Cities member.


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