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Olena Uljee


UNIQA Insurance Group is represented in Ukraine by the non-bank financial group UNIQA Ukraine, which includes the insurance companies "UNIQA" (non-life) and "UNIQA Life" (life). More than 900 UNIQA employees in Ukraine service about 1.2 million insurance policies. UNIQA Insurance company has been operating on the Ukrainian non-life insurance market since 1994.

UNIQA Insurance company is the leader of the insurance market in Ukraine - the largest risk insurer of premiums and claims according to the Insurance TOP rating*.

UNIQA provides a high level of service: the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of the company's services in July 2023 is 4.73 out of 5.

*) according to the rating of Insurance Top 1Q2023.


Address 6, Oleny Telihy Str., block V, Kyiv 04112, Ukraine
Website uniqa.ua

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