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SK Security

Sergey Pogrebnoy


SK Security, an established team of experts, delivers comprehensive security and risk management solutions to a wide array of global businesses and organizations. Formed in 2019, SK Security inherits a robust 15-year legacy from the Corporate Security Practice of Sayenko Kharenko (SK), a prominent Ukrainian law firm.

Leveraging a reliable network of local and global partners, our capabilities extend to executing projects of any complexity within the security domain, particularly navigating the dynamic landscape of Ukraine. Our team, composed of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in government service, benefits from affiliations with specialized firms spanning various security domains.

This unique blend positions SK Security to provide a diverse range of services, including security consulting, intelligence and risk management, due diligence and investigations, assets protection, crisis response, and innovative products customized to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our offerings include OBLAVABot, a cutting-edge mobile application providing emergency support and legal protection during crises, FORTETSIA, a collaborative platform offering professional assistance during crises, and YOURSECURITY, a security-as-a-service solution catering to companies without an internal security department.

SK Security's tailored solutions encompass security strategy development, risk analysis, crisis management planning, cyber incident recovery, and more. Our clientele, which spans law firms, financial institutions, corporations, private clients, non-profits, and foundations, underscores our adaptability and commitment to ensuring the safeguarding of our clients' assets, people, and operations in the face of evolving global challenges.


Address 14A, Ihorivska Str., Kyiv 04070, Ukraine

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