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Siemens Healthcare LLC

Artasches Eduard Kasarian



One of the leading providers of medical equipment, services and integrated healthcare solutions.

Siemens Healthineers provides services, supplies spare parts for medical equipment and conducts trainings for medical staff. Innovative developments have allowed Siemens to take a firm stand in the Ukrainian medical equipment market.


Integrated solutions for medical and diagnostic institutions

Supply, installation and installation of medical devices (CT, MRI, X-Ray and ultrasound systems)

Repair, warranty and post-warranty service of medical equipment

Import of spare parts

Arrangement of trainings for medical staff to work with equipment

The department develops devices and solutions in the following areas:






Molecular imaging

Radiation therapy

Computed tomography

Magnetic resonance imaging

Ultrasound diagnostics

Medical information technologies

Laboratory diagnostics

Among the customers of Siemens Healthineers are the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Health, the State Customs Service, medical institutions of various departments and large industrial enterprises. Our equipment was put into operation in 10 institutes of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 9 regional diagnostic centres, 180 departmental medical institutions, over 310 regional, district and city hospitals of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Official Service Providers