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Innovatus Capital Partners LLC

David Schiff


Innovatus Capital Partners is a boutique asset management firm focused on creating value for investors in private credit and asset-based investments. Founded in 2016 by David Schiff and Andy Dym, with 20+ years investing together, the firm recognizes that alignment of interests with limited partners is key to a firm’s success in investing across various market cycles. Innovatus distinguishes itself by offering self-originated exposure to investments and seeks to deploy capital in the less obvious and trafficked, and under the radar market seams where there is a clear and on-going need for capital due to regulatory, capital, or policy constraints. Innovatus seeks to provide differentiated and less correlated returns through innovative sourcing, structuring/value-add and creative solutions while focused on capital preservation, cash flow generation and upside optionality. Headquartered in New York City, Innovatus is staffed with a dedicated team of 26 professionals with deep investment expertise.


Address 777, Third Avenue, 25th Floor, New York 10017, USA

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