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Creditwest Bank, JSC

Igor Tykhonov


Joint Stock Company “West Finance and Credit Bank” (JSC “CREDITWEST BANK”) is one of the leading investments of Altinbas Holding established in the 50's of the last century and being famous since 1998 with its investment activities in the banking and financial scopes under the brand name CREDITWEST. JSC “CREDITWEST BANK” was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in October 2006 and obtained banking license in February 2007. JSC “CREDITWEST BANK” is the first Turkish bank in Ukraine opened to provide for its individual and corporate clients with a full range of banking services based on the principles of personal approach and professional support of financial projects. Being in reliable hands of experienced management, JSC “CREDITWEST BANK” steadily moves towards its performance target to become in the near future one of the leading banking institutions in Ukraine.


Address 4, Leontovycha St., Lit. А,А1, Kyiv 01030, Ukraine

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